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How (not) to make a blog

calendar_monthPosted on:August 13, 2020

This blog post took over 18 months to write. Not because of the detailed intricacies of the topics to be discussed or the rich content that had to be gathered, but because I wanted to start a blog from zero.

After long and careful consideration, and the realization that I’m one of thousands of developers that go through the same process, I decided to go with Jekyll, default theme in tow. I’ll pretty it up as time goes by, and even go further on a more powerful platform, but for now, I need the kickstart to write.

If you’re thinking about writing, don’t be me! Write! Practice makes perfect. And sitting on an unpublished blog post isn’t gonna get you there. The original version of this post was a massive rant, but I decided to go on a more positive note going forward. And a short one as well; otherwise I was going to overthink it forever.

You’ll be reading from me soon, and often. :)