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About Me

My name is Rafael Mestre, and I’m a Senior Software Engineer at HeroDevs. I specialize in front-end development and user experience research and design.

I’m an expert in Angular, RxJS, NgRx, Typescript and Nx. I love learning new things and paying it forward by sharing the knowledge. I give talks, write articles, and contribute to open source projects whenever I can.


I share my life and home with my partner and our two kids. We’re all born and raised in Puerto Rico. In our free time, we like watching TV and movies, and finding new places to eat!


Before I broke into tech, I was an electronics technician for about 10 years. It would’ve stayed that way if I hadn’t been laid off in 2019, which forced me to reinvent myself. I started freelancing as a web developer at the start of 2020 and was able to get my first full-time job as an Angular developer soon after.


Curious about the tools I use? Here’s my current setup: